Kuroko no Basuke 2 | OP2


yuegene’s cosplay was awesome but this one is… … sighs

DRAMAtical Murder   II   Aoba Seragaki  (x)

baby makoto is the best and the cutest o//w//o

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Happy Birthday Kagami!
I love youu!
Kagami Taiga; the hotheaded, food-loving, chiseled, and adorable basketball idiot.
[08.02] Happy Birthday Kagami! (Inspired by x.)

no one looks up to haru more than rei.

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Endless List of Favorite Characters:

↳ Sebastian Michaelis [Kuroshitsuji]

“If it’s your wish, I will follow you everywhere, even if your throne crumbles, and your shiny crown turns to rust, even if the bodies pile up endlessly, above the bottomless pile corpses. Beside you as you lie softly down, I will be until I hear the words ‘Checkmate’.”

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"I think talking to him one-on-one will be more effective!"

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